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Fravia: “When somebody points at the moon, only a fool looks at the moon, reversers look at the pointing finger, and sometimes bite it off.”

Francesco Vianello (30 August 1952 – 3 May 2009), better known by his nickname Fravia (sometimes +Fravia or Fravia+), was a software reverse engineer, who maintained a web archive of reverse engineering techniques and papers. He also worked on steganography. He taught on subjects such as data mining, anonymity and stalking.

His website “www. searchlores .org” has been called a “very useful instrument for searching the web”, and his “www. fravia .com” site has been described as “required reading for any spy wanting to go beyond simple Google searches.”

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Fravia - Web Searchlores - Advanced Internet Searching Strategies

Fravia’s Pages Of Reverse Engineering - Software reverse engineering and web survival arguments: Software protection techniques and tools, Anonymity on the Web: stalking, enemy tracking and other techniques, Reality cracking and anti-advertisement techniques and tools, How to search the web: combing, klebing and other strategies

Jon Lech Johansen commented in a blog post that Fravia’s site was a goldmine during his education as a reverse engineer.